About Christoph Thielecke

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9944 BAA2 BAF0 6D79 131C DEEF 77D2 514C 3E52 8D18

I finished my study of Computer Sience (German page) at the university Hochschule Harz in Wernigerode in 2005 sucessfully as Diplom-Informatiker (FH).

In my spare time I work with Linux and do some programming of free software (open source).
Currently I'm doing translations for different projects, QT/KDE programming in C++ (look project page).

If you want to see my skills look here.

If someone wants to support me then look at my wishlist or donate some money via paypal

I'm also a member of the Linux User Group Wernigerode (German page). You can meet me there every Wednesday on evening.
If I'm on the net maybe I'm in IRC (internet relay chat) too: Freenode (#kvpnc, #kde-devel), IRCnet (#fritzbox, #openwrt).

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