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DeutschEnglish[CPPCheck plugin für Kdevelop (KDE4)]

DeutschEnglish[Virtual HDD led for plasma]

DeutschEnglish[cdcat (Qt4 version too!)]

English [KDE3 Keepalive project: Supporting KDE3 in parallel to KDE4]

[iceccd Live CD: turn other PCs into an compile farm]

DeutschEnglish [splintgui: GUI for splint (PyQt)] EnglishDeutsch[I18N (Internationalization) of static webpages with TAL (Template Attribute Language) and Perl] DeutschEnglish

[KDevelop: German translation of KDevelop CVS]

DeutschEnglish[complete packages: VPN client for SuSE 9.0/9.1]

Deutsch [KMail: POP filter patch for KMail 1.5.3 (KDE 3.1.3) ]

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Deutsch[K3b presentation + CVS rpm KDE 3.0.0 (SuSE 7.3/8.0)]

Deutsch [MPlayer install instruction]

Deutsch [email encryption with PGP]

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EnglishDo you hate Win9x ??

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